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Adult Brats connect at the Atlanta Film Festival.

Adult Brats connect at the Atlanta Film Festival.

At least once a week, I think about quitting. This is why I don’t. If I die tomorrow, I did one good thing.
— Donna Musil, Executive Director, Brats Without Borders

From Brats

"The whole time I was reading your different pages, I was crying. I can't express to you how profoundly this site has affected me. I've always known I was vastly different from a lot of people around me. This site helped me to understand that I'm not alone in that feeling. Who knew I had a ‘tribe?’" -- Donna Catton-Johnson, Air Force Brat

Thank you for giving us a voice... it touched me at my core.
— Jillian Boldway, Army Brat

"Wish this had been available when I was trying to figure out where I fit in the great universe back in the USA in my late teens and early 20s." -- Donna Boston, Army Brat

"Wow... makes the hair stand up on my arms, and my breath catch in my throat... In some ways BRATS opened some old wounds, and healed others. It made me feel as though I have a ‘place,’ and it is a rich and beautiful one. The fragmented lives we led are now a quilt of memories. Thank you soooooooo much! I don't know the people you worked with to bring this film to fruition, but please extend my tearful, hopeful, heartfelt thanks." -- Laurin A. March Griffith

"… my sister gave this to me as as gift. You have NO idea how profoundly this film impacted me. I thought I had long ago resolved all my childhood ‘issues’ until you made me realize I had some more tears to shed. It has been very healing to know that others shared my struggles and my strengths. I would not have traded one moment of the richness and diversity that my brat childhood afforded me, but it did come with a price. Thank you for a beautiful journey of discovery." -- Michelle Oglesby Cranford

"My husband now says I come by being crazy honestly. Thank you." -- Alice Ferrell Chavez, Denver, CO

"We ALL watched as a family this holiday season and it opened all sorts of dialogue... My 83 year old ret. Navy Captain Dad even got weepy and 'hugged the troops'... " -- Amy Jussel, Executive Director, ShapingYouth

"Thank you, thank you for making BRATS: Our Journey Home. I can't begin to tell you how important it is to ALL of us brats. For years I tried to forget about growing up overseas, to put that chapter of my life behind me. Going to the Ankara reunion in Dallas recently was one of the most important things I've done in my life. A lot of things fell into place. I finally accept my past. And I finally found my family. Thank you, again." -- Rebecca Jung, Brat

"For anyone‐‐military member or brat‐‐who has not seen it, be prepared to be catapulted across time and lost in thought in the most fundamental of ways… The film ought to be required viewing by any brat (and probably their parents) before they leave high school and start making their own life decisions..." -- Bill Kirk

"A great big, giant hug to you for a job well done. You will help the world more than you know with this release of a moving film that gives all with this experience both an outlet for years of pent up memories and a voice for helping others understand our lives before meeting them. Thank you from the bottom of my SAHS heart." -- Jennifer Turney Krohn, Seoul American High School Alumni '65

"This email may fall unto 'deaf ears,' but I HAVE to say this; I am 44 years old, ex-AF Brat (and damn proud of it!), struggled with many issues my adult life and after reading excerpts from your video, I realize where those issues come from!!!!!!! It's ok now. There are missing pieces to me and I am not alone." -- Christina, Air Force Brat

"It was so powerful…  I can't believe the changes in my life it's brought about already." -- Ginger Cole Turner, Austin, TX

"It was interesting to sit in the back of the room and see a whole room-full of heads nodding at the same time as if on cue, laughing at the same time and crying at the same time." -- Susan Curran

"My hat is off to you, for finding the artistry and the poetry and everything else worthwhile in the nightmare of war and conflict... may us survivors forever be artists, poets, writers and dreamers... carry on...” -- Carol Darling

"I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you put into this project… I put it in the DVD player and watched it three times in a row. I cried, I laughed, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I then showed it to my children and they enjoyed it as well. It has helped them get a little insight into the way their dad grew up that I couldn't give them on my own. The film has helped me to see some things about myself and how I relate to people that I was completely unaware of…" -- Bill Davis, Army Brat and Father of a Soldier

"A humorous anecdote...  I have 2 sons, now 21 and 16.  I only moved them once during their lifetime at home... When my oldest was ready to start his freshman year in high school, we moved 45 miles away and into a better school district. As we sat on our new doorstep a few weeks later he lamented to me, ‘Dad, you just don't know what it's like to be uprooted from your home and moved away like this.’ I looked at him with astonishment and said ‘Look, Bucko, don't go there with me on this one...’ He looked at me and said ‘Oh, yeah, I forgot...’ :-) -- Richard Henrickson, Northfield, MN

"You cannot imagine how moving it was for two Army Brats (I am 57 and my brother is 61-years old) to connect with so many of the stories shared by other Brats. For so many years we both thought that we were the only ones that shared these experiences. For the first time in our relationship we were able to talk about a lot of things that we had kept to ourselves for so many years." -- Kathleen J. Havard, Army Brat and Navy Spouse, New Braunfels, TX

"WOW!  What a touching, thought provoking movie… Thank you for opening up so many avenues for us to communicate with. Zoë Ann and I have spent hours talking about how the movie has affected us and our relationship over the last 43 years." -- Ed & Zoe Ann Cerny

"Once a brat, always a brat." -- Rob Lancefield

"Blessing to you for your work." -- Ronda Owens Cotton, Army Brat

"I did OK for the first 30 minutes or so but then for the remainder of the film I bawled. I don't know why but I did. It was like for the first time in my life I realized there were people who knew exactly what it was like to grow up in the military. It didn't matter what our politics was like. Underneath all of that we were comrades in arms of sorts. Maybe that's why I bawled. I found my other family and my home. Thanks. My son is so proud of being a brat we had a t‐shirt made for him that says US Air Force Brat. He's worn it so much we had to about bribe him to take it off so my wife could wash it. So you not only stirred up some good and bad memories of growing up brat. You instilled pride in those who are still living the life." -- John Lemon, SMSgt USAFR (Ret.)

"Boy, was it hard to watch. Great film!" -- Phil McLaren

Fills a longing I couldn’t even acknowledge was there.
— Sue Carrol Kenderdine, Phoenixville, PA

"I think that this should be a required film for every overseas high school junior and senior. They won't appreciate it at the time, but hopefully they will remember the gist of it later in life when they need it." -- William McLuskie

"… thank you for all your efforts in validating all of us ‘Brats.’ For the first time, I truly did feel as though I belonged to a real community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" -- Doris Bourne, San Mateo, CA

"My wife bought me the video for Christmas (the ONLY thing I asked for) and we sat and watched it together. After watching it, I sat up most of the night alternately laughing and smiling at the memory of growing up a military brat (dad was career Army), and crying at how much my life has been affected by my childhood. I think it explained a lot to my wife why country, duty and the Armed Forces mean so much to me…" -- Jim Kidd, Army Brat

"I watched the Brats documentary last night and was moved to tears through the whole thing. It brought back so many wonderful, sad and poignant memories, all at the same time… I cannot even hope to explain how much all of your hard work means to me and will mean to my children in the future. This film will be one that goes into my genealogy file right along with all of the important chapters of my history. Love you for doing this and thanks again." -- Peggy J. Herring Hill

"(My brother is) going on 25 years of sobriety but is still a very broken person in many respects. I think the movie would be as good as an AA meeting in helping him not feel so lost/isolated. Your friend has wrought something fine." -- Director, One Child – One Lawyer Program, Atlanta, GA

"To say the impact of this film on me has been profound is an understatement! There are so many nuances that I never connected to my childhood as a military brat and now they are out there for me to see and reconcile. I cannot thank you and all the others associated with this project enough. I can tell that this is a labor of love and I am happily serving as the pied piper to further this project amongst my friends!  I have watched it 4 times now and each time I take away something new. You can't imagine how cathartic it is to bring this out in the open. I was an Air Force ‘brat’ for 23 years, active duty Navy for 10 years, and a Navy Spouse for 13 years so I have lived this lifestyle, literally, for my entire life. So, again I thank you for opening this door of understanding that has, and is, leading to greater self awareness and acceptance." -- Rhonda Yawn Honegger, Air Force Brat, Navy Veteran & Navy Spouse

" You're doing a tremendous service and will touch lives you don't even know about for years to come." -- Liz Cain, Air Force Brat

"I bought BRATS and it moved me so much, I brought it home to watch with my parents in Massachusetts. They are in their 80s and we grew up in Japan, Germany, Illinois and Massachusetts. My father watched without saying a word and at the end he quietly said ‘wow.’" -- Tony Batakis, San Diego, CA

It changed my life.
— Julie Jacobs

"Watched it again with my little brother again at his house last week and it brought tears again... some joyful... some painful. I am going to keep watching it until I completely heal the deep wounds I've carried inside all my life." -- Leon Meade, Portland, OR

"I kept saying ‘amens’ all through watching it." -- Barbara Metcalfe

"I truly can't tell you in concise words how much this endeavor of yours has done for me psychologically. I have walked through life knowing what I know, but finding that every time I answered questions about my childhood that I encountered disbelief and rejection. I stopped talking about it and have held it all in, not knowing how to express it in a manner that would be believed. This DVD... is finally telling our tale in a believable manner. It is about time. Total vindication would include a statement from our highest point in our government that would concede all the blood, sweat and tears that we children of the forces provided for our country…" -- Chrystie Mort Davis, Hayward, CA

"I had a great time at the Sacramento, CA screening and will remember it for the rest of my life -- or at least until the Alzheimer's sets in.  You folks do a great job.  Thank you for capturing the ‘heart and soul’ of the Brat experience so well." -- Mike Case, Air Force Brat, Sacramento, CA

"Your film (and Mary Edwards Wertsch's book) have given me an insight and understanding about my personality and inner feelings that I can't begin to describe. It's such a relief to discover that my Father didn't love me less than other Fathers love their children; rather, the mission my Father dedicated his career to demanded his attention first and foremost and he really had no other choice. My family spent the July 4 weekend visiting my brother and sister and their families. I made a point of bringing along your movie on DVD and showed it to my siblings, and they were amazed at how vivid and on-target your movie was about the unique nature of brat life and how growing up in that environment has long-lasting effects that we've never stopped to realize or understand. Please know that I deeply appreciate all of your efforts to create this powerful and moving film, and I have evangelized it to everyone I know who is a fellow brat." -- Glenn Chase, Austin, TX

"It made me laugh, cry, and listen. It is everything I had hoped it would be… My father died a few years ago, but I would have loved to show him this film. Maybe he saw it with me, wherever he is. It would have been good to be able to hug him and say "THANKS" for everything he did for us. We had some hard times, and some good times… You did an excellent job of portraying all of it… Thank you.” -- Peter Azzarelli, Air Force Brat, Los Gatos, CA

"Now I know why I am so strange!!" -- Doug Johnson

"...finding [BRATS] was finding a way home. I cried--a painfully intense joy that came from finding what I knew without doubt had been lost and a sadness beyond words at the realization that it really was, in the end, lost. I could see my past in the words and photos of others on the website but could never really touch it--sort of 'through a glass darkly.' I felt the same way when I sang along with 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' at a Peter, Paul, and Mary concert in Chastain Park a few years ago. And again when Hans Petersen, who still lives in Frankfurt, posted photos of the deserted, shuttered, and decaying military buildings that had been home. Even now--it's really weird--I consider Frankfurt, Germany, and even Ft. Benning, where I never lived, but where both my parents are buried, (and, in fact, any Army post) more "home" than I consider South Georgia, where I have lived for 26 years (living surrounded by boxes I have never unpacked and walls I have never considered mine enough to paint)." -- Kay W., Georgia

"I … started crying only 2 minutes into the film. This show gives my family insight to the person that I am -- and also validated so many of the feelings that I have felt for years and have not been able to explain to others... BRATS in the future will be much healthier and wiser! … Talking about these kinds of things will only make them healthier and strong individuals!" -- Pam Mager Bertrand

"As I watched the film I could hardly believe my eyes and ears. People expressing bluntly the deep dark nasty secrets that too many of us brats endured in silence thinking we were the only abnormal family. This is the best relief I have ever felt in my adult life..." -- Richard G. Engel

"I watched it with my husband who was/is a Vietnam Combat Vet - he was floored and noted he understands me so much more. Bless you - this film needs to be on the History Channel and in every military school and all schools close to military bases. What a magnificent piece of work. You've inspired me." -- Sandi Lorenzana

"Thank you so much for making this documentary! It arrived a week ago and I have watched it five times... After a lifetime of mostly blank faces when I say I grew up in a military family, I feel that some of the invisibility has finally been cleared away. Brats is also deeply psychological -- I've never quite seen a documentary like this before. I think you've almost created a new sub-genre -- Because of its psychological depth in addition to the traditional sociological focus of documentaries, it's richly multi-dimensional. There is no way to thank you enough for your work. It has deeply enriched my life and myself / family awareness. I will treasure it for the rest of my life." -- Phil Murray, Air Force Brat and Son of an Air Force brat

"I was blown away." -- Steven McDonald

"When I get my copy, I am seriously considering showing it to my therapist. I think it explains a lot of who I am and why I'm the way I am!" -- Barbara Franklin, Germany

"...watching the documentary is so healing... I've only had it a few days and I have already watched it twice and I have plans to watch it with family and close friends who want to understand my background better. Thank you so much for all your work!! I feel whole and... well... real for the first time in a long, long time." -- Lynette English, Philadelphia, PA

"I was absolutely moved to tears. I want to thank you, Donna Musil, Kris Kristofferson, and the men and women who share their lives on the film, for giving meaning – and perhaps a sense of home – to thousands of BRATS living around the globe." -- Beth Englander

I cannot express how grateful I am for this film… it truly made me feel less alone. The feeling of ‘someone gets it’ is empowering. If only we could have talked about it when we were actually children… Finally, at 45, I am working toward some of my walls coming down. I can’t thank you enough.
— Catherine Guedalia

"I haven't cried in over 20 years, you did that well." -- Jason Musil

"I thought I knew what ghosts lurked in the shadows of my childhood, but I didn’t really put my life as a military brat in full perspective until now. You helped show we me how all of us were touched in ways we never completely understood. It felt like such an adventure, but at such a price, as was said in the film, with so many losses, and no place that was ‘home.’ I am in the process of returning to work after a few life changes… I found your film helped me remember who I was at a time when I had almost forgotten; that I have all the skills I need to face anything new, and to relearn anything I have to; to jump back in and do it all again – I’ve been trained since I was a baby to do that!... The other day I saw someone list his ethnicity as ‘military brat.’  It seems most appropriate." -- Karen Litten Grim

"(A friend) said, ‘I have been totally isolated from any BRATS for 45 years, so watching the film, and talking about it with another BRAT face to face has been a true GIFT!’ Thank you from both of us. " -- Rosemary Blake

"For you who were, taught, or now have kids who were raised as military brats.  This is a "must see" work of art… At 61, I bawled my eyes out watching it – tears of joyful and thoughtful nostalgia…  Our mid‐kid, now 22, is in week 7 of Basic Training at Ft Sill.  And so it continues." -- Stewart Crane, Reno, NV

"Thanks again for such a wonderful movie... I felt like I had come home and have not felt that much camaraderie in years... I can't begin to say how much your film has made me feel better... and made me feel included… for that I will be eternally grateful." -- Pamela Hamrick

"It is almost like going through an old picture album and journal with my family and finding a wonderful way to share my childhood with them. It doesn't even matter that the pictures are of other people because our lives were so similar… Each time I watch the film I realize a bit more how important our role as Brats really was in the lives of our parents. They may not recognize the significance of what we did or the service we provided to our country, but you managed to provide that recognition. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…  You have provided an invaluable gift to Brats everywhere. This gift is one of security and a feeling of belonging both of which are not usually characteristic of military life for children. It is so strange that as a child I did not feel insecure or a sense of not belonging. It has only been in my adult years that I began to long for a connection with wonderful friends, places, schools, chapels, scouts and all of the things that make a childhood a childhood… I am proud to have been a child soldier and thankful to you for letting me know that I did serve my country." -- Barbara Long Harkins

"Loved, loved the movie - don't get me started on its relevance - I'm "busted" for sure - now everybody knows my quirks!! Mom won't watch it because "I didn't do anything wrong!" WOW, such a great contribution you've made." -- Patti French

"Hi Donna! You are one of my heroes! Truly! I cannot begin to tell you how much you have done for "our people," "our culture," "our lost tribe." … during my graduation ceremony from Brown last summer, my mother was home at some point (during a break) watching the film. I returned home in my cap and gown, and she turned and looked at me with a look I had never seen before in 32 years time. It was as if she was looking at me for the first time. Your film did that. Thank you, Donna." -- Robin Galloway

"I bought your CD and was able to watch it with my 86-year-old father and my sister. I cried during most of the movie… All these years I never said anything and always thought it was just the way I felt about growing up in that life. Certainly nobody else had those same feelings! It is so very nice to know that’s not true! I now can start appreciating those wonderful experiences I did have. Thank you so much!" -- Katie Aldridge

"During the recent reunion in Palm Desert, we had the opportunity to view the film BRATS: Our Journey Home. It was a life changing experience for me and most of those who saw it. It provoked a lot of discussion and I discovered that my home town in not a place but a group of people. I will never miss an opportunity to be with the folks who are my home town." -- Bobby Scattergood, MAHS 1964

… every time I watch this movie I cry because I know someone in this world knows how I feel.
— Melissa Hill

"I really don't know how to express my thanks to you for making this film. As the son of an Air Force colonel, I moved 15 times before I was 13 and attended a different school every year from 6th grade through high school. You did an outstanding (how's that for a brat word?) job portraying the brat experience. It brought back a lot of memories and more than a few tears were shed watching the movie. I just finished watching it and I'm really emotional. Thank you so very much." -- Curt Elsbernd

"I can't begin to tell you how much your DVD touched me. Till the lights went on I thought that I was the only one crying. For years I have wondered why I was the way I was and this did a lot of explaining. My husband said that after 43 years of marriage he sure wished that he had seen this in our beginning." -- Sylvia Brewer


"I watched it four times. Thank you!  I don't feel like such an outsider now. There is this man at work… at my kids’ school. He is the janitor … and I am the suburban mom… We were all sitting in the staff lounge one day and someone asked me where I went to high school. ‘Osterholz American High School,’ I said. He reached over and touched my hand and said, ‘I went to Frankfurt American High School.’ In that moment it was as though we had been friends all our lives!! Thank you so much." -- Theresa J. Martinez-Angello, Army Brat

"... should be required viewing for all military brats.  I thought I had everything about myself figured by now but there were a couple of realization moments that were unbelievable!  Thanks so much." 
-- Gwen McDuffie

"I literally could not sleep that night after viewing the film. Points and issues were presented so well that I found myself riveted. The film made me think about things that I have suppressed for years and at a level I never approached before. It also made me realize that even though my situation was tough, the things I experience were more common than I knew. I especially enjoyed hearing articulated the point of view that there is nothing wrong with holding what I feel are universal values that transcend race." -- Peter Grammer, El Paso, TX

"I watched it alone the first time I saw it… The second time I watched it was with my youngest sister... When I asked if she'd be interested in seeing a mind blowing documentary on military brats she said "maybe, although we weren't really military brats..." Needless to say, from the moment the music started up and the home movies began to roll she was spell bound and lights went on in her head like you can't imagine... no conversation I could ever have had, ever, could have come close to accomplishing what you simply and beautifully ‘laid out,’ INCLUDING how the parents just don't know the kids' experience... Thank you for the healing that this documentary will facilitate." -- Jan McGuire, Atlanta, GA

"Thank you so much for making this documentary! It arrived a week ago and I have watched it five times. I will treasure it for the rest of my life. After a lifetime of mostly blank faces when I say I grew up in a military family, I feel that some of the invisibility has finally been cleared away." -- Phil Murray, Air Force Brat and Son of an Air Force Brat

"The film has been for me, an Army Brat, a profound psychotherapeutic experience." -- David Nanney

"WOW and Man…, did it hit home with me!!!!!... The hair on the back of my neck is still standing." -- John Bush Sr.

I attended the BRATS screening in Austin last night... The woman who said it was like free therapy said it best... you have done a really fine piece of work, on par with some of Ken Burns work... Thank you.
— Michael Shimp, Austin, TX

"...the most helpful video I have ever seen. For years, I thought I was losing my mind and that there was something terribly wrong with me. My family is dysfunctional and both our parents are now gone. But, when I saw the movie and all of its ups and downs and the twists and turns, all of a sudden, I felt a great weight lifted. It makes you feel warm all over and makes you stand up straight. It gives you a peek into answers we sought all of our adult lives. It is a movie all 'Brats' need not only see, but promote." -- Roger Vacca

"I could write a book about how validated I felt watching it. Of course, this begs the question:  can this film become a standard for military kids to view so they can get this information a little earlier than we did. Is a sequel germinating? My Russian Brat friends would enjoy this also." -- Phyllis Smith Pemberton, USAAF

"I felt compelled to write you after watching the movie Brats with my sister. We sat there saying ‘oh my God that is our life!’ My Dad was an Air Force fighter pilot who was the only Air Force General killed in the war in Viet Nam in 1968. Just now at the age of 62… your movie just put things in perspective and made me feel that I was not alone. Thank you for that. I feel we have support now in our grief and loneliness." -- Dana Worley

"I always thought I was 'the only one'... Even after securing an advanced degree in psychology...  I've continued to feel the void. Until now. Well, I still feel the void and disconnection, but now I know why. Thank you so VERY much for doing this film. This is one appreciative OLD BRAT!!" 
-- Ronda Brewster Walker, Navy Brat

"My father passed away 7-16-08 of lung cancer from Agent Orange from when he was in Viet Nam. I grew up as an Army Brat, and couldn't be more proud. My father lived out of state, and I went there to be with him in the end. I brought along the copy of the Brats DVD when I went. The day before he passed away, I put the DVD in and watched it with him. He couldn't talk at that point, but did motion to let me know about certain things I would comment on. This DVD meant more to me than anything, being able to watch it with him in the end, and to let him know how proud I was of him, and of being an Army Brat… I want to thank you for making such a great film." -- Cheryl Slavnik, Army Brat

"Thanks for the DVD.  After watching it, I have decided to:
-Get divorced
-Go find my high school love
-Get a motorcycle and sidecar and travel the world looking for her
-Do the above and find me
OK, just kidding... or not... " -- Jim, Cape Coral FL

"The documentary is very well done. It brought back many memories for us. My husband became very emotional as we watched it. It makes me feel ‘good’ to be a part of a great (military) family. I didn't want it to end! " -- Jo Dolittle

"Thank you for caring, and thank you for making this film. My father died last summer. He was a retired Naval Commander who served on ships in Korea and Vietnam and treated his family as his crew. My two younger brothers grew up and served in the Navy and the Army. My mother served as the Captain's wife. I was that brat who got angry and rebelled in the extreme. I always knew my military upbringing was different and special, and even as rebellious as I was, becoming a civilian at 21 hit me in the face like a brick. Even though I've been introspective all my life, I've always had a blind spot where the military was concerned. I'd never been friends enough with my father to be able to see what that life did to me, both the good and the not so good. I started crying about one minute into the film and am just now mopping up." -- Durga Walker

"What was very exciting for me, was the fact that my brother attended the 7 PM showing. He just couldn't stop talking about it. Which is a big deal because he is big & strong and a very quiet person. Plus he never ever attends events like this one… this film has the ability to have some of us open up which we never did before (gee, reminds me of what they said about WWII vets after Band of Brothers came out)." -- John Pinkerton, Sacramento, CA

"Got the DVD and felt like a kid at Christmas. I can't express how I felt watching it and hearing other people express the way I feel. Tissues were flying. Thank you so much for making this film." 
-- Eric Quartermouse

"Wow. On many levels, Wow. Good stuff. It helps, and it hurts, and it's pretty much on target. Nicely done." -- Fred Rea

"I'm 53 years old, haven't been a dependent on a base since 1969 when my Dad retired from the Air Force, yet the stories hit me with so hard I couldn't stop tearing up throughout the film. The closing with Pat Conroy's words regarding the unseen/unnoticed Brats did me in. It rings true, and only a Brat could have told this story this well." -- Steve Resler, Albany, NY

Congratulations and thank you for your magnificent work… if I knew where my fellow Brat pals were, I’d order a copy for each of them…
— Mike F. Revere

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the film… I have viewed it several times and get something else from it each time I watch it." -- George Hanna, Kansas City, KS

"Oh my God, you have captured the things that define our lives." -- Pat Neleski

"It has been haunting me ever since I watched it." -- Sarah Richards

"Bless you, for making such a powerful film!" -- Angel Robinson

"I bought it and showed it to my mom and siblings while I was in Austin.  They were speechless." 
-- Sally O.

"There was a young girl, about 13 whose mom is Air Force and overseas… Her Aunt and 2 cousins accompanied her. She had seen it in the paper and wanted to attend. She was awestruck! She (being black) wanted to know if the movie was available to show in schools. She was particularly struck by the black ex Brats who spoke in the film. Donna Musil told her it was primarily her intention to target older Brats who had to leave the ‘protected’ environment of the military and try to figure out who they were in their adulthood. The young girl said… No! This movie touched me and my brathood to the core." -- Sheila Allen Neergaard

"Thank you for the film… I cried like a baby." -- Michael Scott

"I never in a million years thought I'd see a film like this one. And until I saw the website you have for the film I never realized that my brother, sister and I are not alone in how we feel as military dependents. I mean, in the back of my mind I knew I wasn't the only child to grow up as a military dependent but I've always felt that I was alone in my feelings of almost abandonment (which that isn't really the right word either) after my dad retired from the military and I turned 18. When I was 16 and still a dependent, (even though my father was retired) I didn't really feel the difference. It wasn't until I turned 18 and no longer had a military ID card to get on base whenever I wanted that I really felt the difference… If I'm asked what my home town is, my reply is always, a military base, any military base. I love taking my mom to the base whenever she's got to go because I feel like I'm going home and I never want to leave again. I find myself making excuses to stick around because I miss that life so bad sometimes… Thank you for doing this film. I've always been proud to be my father's daughter and to state with pride that my dad served 21 years in the military. Now I feel even better knowing that myself and other military dependents  like me are being recognized in some small way." -- Michelle Frickson

"My sister, Mother, and brother have watched the video and there was not a dry eye in the room. Since I am in Izmir Turkey I won’t see the documentary until I return to Virginia (home) in May on leave. But so far you have a budding fan club in a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this documentary." -- Roy Shoemaker

"I've cried each time I've watched it. Not tears of real sadness, but tears of recognition. Someone realized the thoughts and emotions of all the years, and all the ups and downs of all of us growing up. Wow! I've loaned it to the ROTC men at my school. (I teach at a local high school) I have also loaned it to others who have told me they are also Brats. Sometimes I've had a difficult time getting it back, since they want to watch it over and over!  I treasure this DVD and I will be eternally grateful that you took the time to make it." -- Fran Sidbury, Knoxville, TN

"I have ordered the Brats Film to get some closure. I am 54 years old and discussed my childhood with my 18 year old daughter for the first time in my life. Some things are beyond comprehension.  Thank you so much for your efforts to bring peace to those in need." -- Kimberly Stamper, Nashville, TN

"In many ways, I think being the child of someone in the military is the hardest job of all, especially in the fact that we receive no recognition and no way of identifying ourselves to others. Thanks so much for taking on this project!" -- Darillyn Starr

I watched the film and was moved beyond words. I truly discovered who I am.
— Anita Stepan

"Bottom line - I ended up shedding tears while smiling. I think military parents, teachers of brats and brats themselves would benefit greatly by viewing the film. It was enlightening for me & brought me comfort & even peace. Thank you for helping me on my journey home." -- Jane Anthis Stephenson, AF Brat

"Watching the trailer of your film spoke to my soul…. feels corny writing that, but it’s true. It was beautiful and I can’t wait to see the whole thing, and share it with my family. Thank You. The life we led was not easy at all, we learned about loss, adjusting, politics, love, understanding, nationalism, friendships, communicating, priorities etc. much differently than kids our age at the time. When I came to the states at 17 had experienced more things than most adults I encountered, and the kids teased the hell out of me for being different (articulate)… called me Errrrrrwin the Black Gerrrrrman, then I ran the 40 in 4.3 seconds! Ta Dah! Paid my way through college." 
-- Erwin Stone, Army Brat, Los Angeles, CA

"Do you know what you have given people? Such a gift… incomparable." -- Lyn Shaw

"Thanks for putting a face to all those feelings." -- Francene

Donna - Our sons, our 27- and 31-year old Army Brats, were here for dinner last evening and I mentioned the DVD had arrived in the was commandeered. Our youngest took it back to his place and immediately after watching it, 'round midnight, sent the following:
holy shit.
did you say you did not watch that video? the seal was broken. it was very jarring to watch. apparently, i could've turned out a lot worse than i did, but there are explanations on there for just about everything that's screwed up about me. nothing against pa, but goddamn.

to which I responded,
nope - i haven't watched it... took the cellophane off of it though when it came in the mail today. i take it it is good? does it give a bit of 'i'm not alone in this' feeling? i should watch it? love, me.
and he answered,
well, i think that you and pa should watch it together, maybe friday night. it does give a feeling of 'i'm not alone in this', but it also gives a view of 'this is a pretty weird lifestyle for a kid to lead, with lots of good, but also lots of bad'. to be honest it's made me look at my entire life in a very different way. or its made me look at it all, which is different. i know pa gets defensive about me 'blaming' stuff, but there it is, straight from the horse's mouths.

"I have purchased at least seven copies of the BRATS video since it came out, and have ended up giving them all away. All of the brats I've run into who have seen it rave about how it has changed their whole perspective about themselves -- even others my age, which is 64… Thank you so much for the wonderful service you've provided our ‘tribe.’" -- Julene Suttles

"I just wanted to let you know that friends who have watched the movie call me afterward and say "Oh my God!!! I totally get you now!!!" Seriously. Four different female friends have called me and said those exact words.  Thanks." -- Tammy “Blue Girl”

"I thought it was absolutely fabulous. While I never lived "overseas" as a brat (I do now!), many of the comments could have easily been my own. I laughed and cried throughout the film and when it was over I was smiling on the inside the rest of the day! Thanks so much for the film. It's just what I needed! :‐)" -- Leigh Thomas, Air Force Brat

"I am speechless about the documentary... bringing back so many memories. It is so well done. I was raised to be pretty, and kind, and good, to find a nice man to marry and live happily ever after. It didn't happen that way... there is a real person inside that has feelings, is a people pleaser, and tends to be overly emotional about some things. Today I know that I am intelligent, and attractive, and finally at the age of 45 I believe I have something to offer this world... I haven't put my finger on it yet...but I know I'm more than my father's social security number. Life can be cruel sometimes, but the payoff for facing the truth is far greater than not." -- Denise Thrasher

"OMG you took most of my feelings and had other people say them. I never wanted the movie to end!!! I banished my non brat family for the first viewing because I needed to watch and absorb and cry and smile and remember without having to explain (or try to explain) all of everything I was feeling. Now they can watch it with me :) It was the most wonderful trip HOME!! Thank you forever and ever." -- Katie Villani, most proud Navy brat

"Last night my wife and I (both brats; I’m Army, she’s Air Force) watched the film. We were moved by your eloquent telling of ‘our stories.’ Your film captures the essence of being raised in military family. The film gives brats a much needed voice, and provides insight for all those that love, live, or work with brats. I hope you can find as wide a distribution as possible for the film. It should be required viewing for all those that work with brats; e.g., DODDS school personnel, and all military family support activities – military chaplains, the military social services agencies, etc. Most importantly, it should be required viewing by every active duty military parent, or parent to be. A copy of your film should be in every military library, chaplain’s office, ACS office, military OB-GYN/pediatrician/psychiatrist/mental health counselor’s office." -- Dave Tuszynski, Former Army and Army Reserve JAG

"… a bratbonding phenomena… God bless you, Donna, you have brought a lot of good into the world." -- Theresa Tilton

"I was very emotional watching it. What an amazing connection to hear the stories of others. I had a very special bond with my brother who I grew up with in the Army. He just passed away July 28th. I felt such a deep loss as he was the only one that 'knew' what my childhood life was like and he 'understood'. He often felt a lot of anger about it. He also was an Army pilot in the Vietnam war and just retired from the State Department. His entire life was devoted to his country. I only wish he was alive to see this very special movie "BRATS:  Our Journey Home".... I'm sure it would have touched him deeply." -- Joy Westfall

"I'm the old Army Brat. You touched on so many things that governed our lives. The closing statements really sealed it, though ---- We were invisible…We were charged with conducting foreign affairs all without any training. Yet we were expected to carry on. Tall order for a 15-year-old. Your film puts a face on us and for that, we thank you." -- Chris White

This film has explained beautifully what I feel, but cannot express.
— Susan Whitlock

"I have completed the first of what I am confident will be many viewings and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart… Donna, you are a wonderful human for doing this. Thank you. I’m sure it will have a positive, almost cathartic effect on the Brats that watch it." -- James Wilkinson, Anchorage, Alaska

"Watched your film and shared it with my mother and two sisters over Christmas. What can I say. Well worth the wait and the Conroy quote at the end could make a rock cry. I think your film changed our lives. I know it has changed mine." -- John Tinseth, Chicago, IL

"It's a powerful documentary and touches something deep within the soul and allows us to feel connected for the first time! We belong somewhere after all." -- Nicki Norris, Air Force Brat

"When Bettye and I went back to California last month for my sister's wedding, I carried a DVD with me to share with my family - "BRATS:  Our Journey Home" by Donna Musil. I was greeted at my Mom's house by everyone waving their copy of the DVD, anxious for me to see it. I had been turned on to the film by a fellow Military Brat, Dave Grant, who, like me, is a member of the sub-species Air Force Brat. I had been raised on military bases throughout the world during my first eighteen years, and the film was as close to my life story and that of my siblings as I ever could have imagined. I had always considered "Blue Sky" to be the definitive Hollywood take on our childhood experience, but had resisted my brother's and sisters' advice to view "The Great Santini" - I thought Tommy Lee Jones and Jessica Lange in Blue Sky had really nailed the ultimate portrait of my parents and our life, and I wasn't looking further. I was wrong on that one – I should have kept looking. When I first saw Brats, I knew this excellent documentary was the real life story I held in my mind's eye. If you're a Brat, you've got to see this movie." -- Bob Wirt

"My sincere appreciation to you for all of your efforts...  A few million of us out here appreciate it."
-- James Weeks


"…a beautiful film... very, very well made and… a must for each and every American who ever lived under these circumstances... this is not an easy topic... the filmmakers have done an excellent job of laying out the major issues... We should all support this film in the most aggressive way possible." 
-- John Hardy, Los Angeles, CA, Producer, Sex, Lies and Videotape, Erin Brokovich, Ocean's 11, Ocean's 12

"… what a colossal achievement. I am completely overwhelmed by your creation. I thought I had covered this waterfront both intellectually and emotionally, but how wrong I was. I was surprised by the depth and clarity of your insights and even more by the emotional impact it had. I was sobbing. Donna, a million congratulations and more thanks for the incredible gift that this film is to me and to all of us. I will do anything I can to help this important film." -- Sarah Bird, Austin, TX, Author, The Yokota Officer’s Club and many others

"Your film moved me a great deal when I saw it and how could it fail to move a brat. I still am shocked that I moved 23 times by the time I got to Beaufort when I was 15 years old. I latched on to this poor town and have never loosened my grip. You did all of us a great service with your film and I think it will be a great help to military brats who are growing up today… Great love and congratulations." -- Pat Conroy, Beaufort, SC, Author, The Great Santini, The Prince of Tides


"All I can say is ‘wow,’ thank you so much for opening my eyes on what I have put my family through for the past 23 years. I only hope that every military member has the chance to see this film and realizes how special their families are. I have always thought that I appreciated my family for following ‘my dream.’ I have been blind and when I finally retire I have made a promise to dedicate my ceremony to the real hero's of my life. Semper Fidelis." -- MSgt. Michael A. Bovo, Camp Fallujah, Iraq

We appreciated the chance your film gave us to grow as a family… Obviously a film that generates this many comments and provokes this long an email is a wonderful gift from you to us. Thanks a million.
— Rpb Atkins

"Do yourself a favor and get this film. If you're an Army Brat, I know: you don't need any help, you've got a handle on your core self... This 90 minute video will give you more insight into your thoughts, actions and feelings than you can ever imagine. Who knows, it may give you ability to understand how others, especially family members, had to cope, as brats. Or perhaps you're offspring of Brats, and don't understand your parents? Some of us continued the march, making our offspring take our same paths; learn what they went thru for us, even if you don't want to acknowledge what you went thru. This film should be seen by everyone who was a Brat, or had Brats!!!!!!!!! Be prepared to reflect and to shed a few. I expect every one of you to get the video, and tell me what you think: This is an order." -- Joe Brennan

"Thank you so much for making this movie. This documentary not only applies to our military children but also to those children of the State Department and all the children of the employees of American companies who move with the family overseas. I wish every Command in the US Joint Forces would obtain a copy of your documentary and show it to the command and their families, so they can better understand what the brats are going through and possibly help these children with their identity. To me all brats are special. Thank you again." -- J. Davis, Military Wife

"My daughter, a ‘double’ Army brat, didn't think the film would have much of an impact on her. When the lights came up, tears were streaming down her face. My husband was an Army brat… I really didn't understand the emotional toll of being an Army brat. I lived and learned. Thank you for doing all of this for all of us." -- Barbara Curtis, Edmonds, WA

Mom got to see the BRATS film and was moved to tears. She’s 86, and was part of the old school military dependant and wives experience. Her comment was similar to that which the majority of Brats make… ‘I thought I was the only one.’ Thank you.
— Jan Wadlington

"I saw the movie and was so touched. Having served most of my adult life on active duty in the Marine Corps, and being the father of two wonderful young women, it took me back to those days when we moved from duty station to duty station, expecting our own 'military brats' to say their 'goodbyes' with enthusiasm as they faced the 'hello's' at the new duty station. At the time, I really didn't appreciate the impact of all those moves on our children." -- Maj. Gen. USMC (Ret.) J. M. Myatt, President, Marines' Memorial Association

"I do appreciate the effort you all are taking to bring to light this community of people and their collective culture." -- Brigadier General Allison A. Hickey

"I have just gotten done watching the show BRATS for the first time. All I can say is WOW…. What a job. Very well done and spot on, my father was in the Air Force so it really hit home. Some of it harder than others. Thanks for your help and again a very very well done show. I am glad that AFN finally aired it when I could watch it out here in the sandbox." -- R. David Jones, Al-Taqaddum, Iraq

"I spent some time this past week with the writer of this video. I can only tell you that as the dad of six, and a retired career soldier, I look back at all the things I expected of my kids and never fully realized it until I watched the video." -- Roger Stradley, USA Cares

"I always wondered how my own children felt about growing up Army brats, but they never were able to really tell me. This film speaks for them and so many others. It moved me so much that I've bought copies to send to my son and my daughter and others who grew up in a world entirely different from their peers." -- Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry White, President, National Infantry Foundation

"I showed the DVD to my mom and she cried all the way through and then some more after it ended. She felt her experience as a military wife was very validated... She plans to have a popcorn party for her girlfriends in water aerobics to show them the kind of life she led for 25 years. She cried a lot during the viewing. There were some things not spoken about for all these years and here you are laying it all out in the open for everyone to see... and talk about... finally. She is now 80 years old and has been divorced from my military father since 1969. It really meant a lot to her... Thank you for making such a difference in my life." -- Diane King, Denver, CO

"Donna, on behalf of the Redstone-Huntsville Chapter of the Association of the United States Army thank you for being part of the 3d Region AUSA meeting. Your presence was a special feature and you lived up to the billing. Families are one of the strengths of Soldiers.  BRATS: Our Journey Home underscores the duality of obligation. Bless you for all that you do to recognize the needs of Soldiers and their families. We hope you enjoyed the visit as much as we enjoyed sharing with you." -- Mike Howell, COL (Ret.), US Army; President, Redstone-Huntsville Chapter AUSA

"Thanks Donna for taking the time to make this film that brought many wonderful and some sad memories to this daughter of a career Air Force Officer, now long deceased. The movie made me laugh, and it made me cry. It is a wonderful film that anyone who experienced life as a military dependent can identify with. My husband, a retired Air Force Officer, is the president of our local Military Officers Association. I've recommended your film to all the members of our chapter for themselves and for their children." -- Kathi Lucas, Military Brat and Military Wife

I believe that your film should be mandatory on every American military facility in the world and that attendance be compulsory. Now, doesn’t that sound so typically military?
— Stephan "Mick" McClary, Great Falls, MT

"I received the BRATS: Our Journey Home DVD yesterday and love it! In fact, I'm buying another to send to my brother! Donna, if this message goes directly to you, please know that your efforts are doubtlessly going to help many, many children and adults... the film is a means of catharsis in many ways, a vehicle by which I was transported back to some happy memories, and a tool that can help me to help some of my patients (adolescents and their parents) understand some of what they are presently living through. I've always tried to impart to them the reassurance that they are not alone... but what empty words those must sound to the kid who is suffering. I believe that your film should be mandatory on every American military facility in the world and that attendance be compulsory. Now, doesn't that sound so typically military?" -- Stephan A. "Mick" McClary, Great Falls, MT

"I was an Air Force/Army brat growing up. Now, I'm a military spouse with military brats of my own. I've tried hard to explain to people that never have experienced a military lifestyle what it is like to live it, and of course, they don't understand it. The film was a fantastic explanation of how things were and are in military families. Some of the sections brought tears to my eyes, remembering what it was like. Thank you so much for making a film that not only explains what it was like, but touches the hearts of all those that have lived it, and remember it. Once again, thank you so much. It's great to know that we aren't the only ones that have felt the way we felt...and that we DO have a rather extended family!" -- Barbara VanVliet, Military Brat and Wife

"It brought a lump to my throat, tears to these old worn eyes, but most of all it brought back many, many wonderful memories. A must see for all military brats and their families. God Bless you, Donna, all Brats will love your film." -- Curtis Carter, 30 years in the blue suit, 22 in Air Force Civil Service


"...very historically significant and important... nothing like it exists..." -- Thomas Drysdale, Dep. Director/Superintendent of Schools, DoDDS (Ret.); Founder, American Overseas School Historical Society

No other documentary better depicts the social and psychological impact on children and adolescents at the intersection of two powerful social institutions—the military and the family.
— Dr. Morten G. Ender, Sociology Program Director, United States Military Academy, West Point

"I wish I had seen BRATS before I taught in the Department of Defense Dependent Schools. It would have given me so many useful insights that I lacked at the time. This film should be shown to all service personnel as well as students and teachers in Department of Defense schools." -- Dr. Elmer Koenig, Retired DoDDS Principal

"My Lakenheath library showed it at their 'Late Night at the Library' program and folks loved it. It has been circulating ever since." -- Melinda Mosley, USAFE Librarian

"Thank you for making the film! Brilliant, really. I just moved from Germany, after 21 years... your documentary made quite an impact. My husband was one of the original Brats after WWII... You did a heck of a job telling our story and I will be sharing it with our 8th graders here at Ft. Bragg." -- Cynthia Vargo, Current DoDDS Teacher

"BRATS explores this generations 'silent crisis': why so many children were sad and confused while appearing to be tough, cheerful and confident. Donna Musil challenges conventional expectations regarding the children of military members during the cold war era and the Vietnam conflict. Her documentary serves as a testimonial to the thousands of families caught up in raising their children through a toughening process that drives their true emotions underground. The effect of this documentary on me personally has been profound. Parents and teachers everywhere should be exposed to this material. It would serve as a reminder to all of us that every child is vital and uniquely vulnerable. When we understand what young people are experiencing, parents and teachers can help them develop more self-confidence and the emotional savvy they need to deal with issues such as depression, drugs, alcohol, sexuality and love. Donna Musil's work is illuminating, exciting and courageous. BRATS: Our Journey Home should be viewed by everyone concerned about children. It is a beacon of hope and a gift to all of us." -- Marlene D. Knudson, Retired DoDDS Teacher and Principal

"We had a showing of the video at one of our homes over pizza this past Thursday. It was a very emotional rollercoaster affecting each of us differently. The DVD really brought out a lot of raw emotion and discussion that made all of us truly see how we were really one family. Thank you so much for taking the time to produce such a moving and important work." -- Jay and a group of Library Media Specialists in Dallas, TX

"It's 10 p.m. and my wife and I have just finished watching your wonderful documentary. Not only is it a faithful description of what we all went through as 'brats,' but it touches something deep down at the center of our lives. I was glued to the screen and was sorry when the story came to an end. I congratulate you on your achievement.  No, I SALUTE you on your achievement!"
-- Edward Dooley, Professor, VMI

"Thank you very much for what you have done. I taught with the Department of Defense schools for 15 years, being the wife of an Army artillery officer, and the daughter of an Army medical department career plastic surgeon... my father is one of the 'greatest generation' and my mentor. My two youngsters, one an Iraqi Freedom Marine, and now a new enlistee in the US Army, were reared by DoDDS teachers." -- Jan Kiessling, Retired DoDDS Teacher

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how my husband reacted to your wonderful film... As it neared the end I noticed tears in Fred's eyes as in mine and afterwards he said: 'Now that's a film that should be shown today.' It was 9/11 and as you know much hype and remembrance was being featured on all networks. Fred is an ex-math teacher and agreed heartily that this film should definitely be included in the teaching curriculum and not just for military school teachers but all schools." -- Chris Symonds, Bellingham, WA


"As a career Air Force chaplain and the proud dad of two military BRATS, I unequivocally recommend BRATS: Our Journey Home. This touching, powerful, and exceptionally well-crafted film chronicles the lives, experiences and hearts of military kids and families. I was astounded by the frequency with which I saw my family in this film. I wish I had seen it as a young captain! My son is an Air Force dad. His wife has no prior military background. I'm giving them a copy of this film because I am 100% convinced that it will benefit their marriage and family. BRATS of all ages (and moms and dads) will appreciate this film!" -- Stephen L. Frick, Chaplain, Colonel, USAF (Ret)

I am so thankful and supportive of the movie and your passion. Watching BRATS: Our Journey Home is one of the best three steps you can take to become more effective with the military community.
— Marty McCarty, Executive Director, Military Comunity Youth Ministries (MCYM)

"What a wonderful tribute to the children of military families! It is rare that a project such as this one can cause a major shift in the way that the truth is perceived. This has gone a long way." 
-- Hudson “Bill” Phillips, Retired Chaplain

"BRATS: Our Journey Home has been a great resource to use with adult leaders in youth ministry... it offers an understanding of military culture and allows us the opportunity to update those experiences based on the current generation of brats dealing with multiple and extended deployments. Each time I show [BRATS], heads in the room nod in agreement... I think it has really given military brats and those that work with them the opportunity to voice their experience and to feel good about it too." -- Mark Moitoza, Director of Youth Ministry, Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA

"I deeply appreciate the care and candor that went into the BRATS documentary. I am the director of an organization that works with military kids in Europe and Asia. We often tell folks that they are a forgotten subculture... Thanks for helping people understand and notice. As a military brat myself, I have wept through several sections of the documentary and used it to train my staff. Thank you for raising the attention of military parents and others to the reality of the blessings and curses of life in a military family." -- Jeff Campbell, Director, Malachi Ministries, Cadence International

"...this film is going to be cathartic for thousands of Brats..." -- Bette Hertzberg, Placement Coordinator, Prisoners for Christ Outreach Ministries

"BRATS: Our Journey Home has been helpful to me as clergy to understand the issues of some of my parishioners who grew up in military families. It provides useful information in marriage counseling for couples where one or both were Brats. We use the metaphors of family and home so much in the church and it's enlightening how that imagery can mean something different to people who are 'from everywhere and nowhere.' Plus, how often do you get to see Kris Kristofferson and General Norman Schwarzkopf sharing similar life stories!" -- Sandi Wilcox, Former Pastor, Messiah Lutheran Church, Austin, TX

"Enjoyed the video.  Watched it with my 'brat' sister (married to a brat) who birthed four 'brats,' two West Point grads and on active duty, and two daughters both married to officers on active duty. The video allowed us a lively discussion upon viewing it and we had some good reminiscing. She 'took' the video!" -- Allen Clark, West Point graduate and Vietnam Vet; Founder, Combat Faith Lay Ministry for Veterans/Military


"Bravo! It is even more beautifully done than I imagined. I shared my copy with my psychologist who is an Army brat and we then discussed it at length. He couldn't get over the issues that were brought up that he too, had never considered had an impact on his life. I felt like I was his shrink, that day." -- Carol C., Pittsburgh, PA

BRATS is a provocative film that unites those with a common experience they might not even know they share; the film is also a poignant reminder of the universal human need for continuity of relationship and sense of belonging.
— Rachel Winer, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Lecturer, Rice University

"My Dear Donna, your journey home and your journey in life will bring meaning, hope, and direction to those who gave so much of their lives – not by choice but by destiny – to supporting those who would defend our nation and the world. With awe and affection…" -- Robert M. Pressman, Ph.D., clinical practitioner for over 20 years

"Congratulations on a wonderful job. It was really enjoyable to watch and it validated some things I'd tried to share with my husband. I'm not sure he believed me totally until he heard it from other people on the film. I think it would be a valuable film for any counselor to watch that deals with ANY children that get shuffled a lot." -- Jeanie Deem, School Counselor

"The film was much more deeply touching than I personally anticipated. It brought back many memories and I learned some things about my daughters by viewing the film. Some folks were emotional during the film. You did a fabulous job." -- Michale Weaver, Social Worker, Virginia

"...the Deputy Chief of Social Work showed the film for training this morning. Everyone loved it and some people were really moved by it. This Department of Social Work is going to order some copies for the Therapeutic Parenting Classes they have and for training here. It was very touching." -- Kimberly Bayes Batista, MSSW, LCSW, Ft. Hood, TX