BRAT Films & Television

The following is a list of films and televisions shows by or for Brats & TCKs you might enjoy. If you know of more you'd like us to add, contact us!



BRATS: Our Journey Home
Writer-Director, Donna Musil
The first documentary about growing up military, narrated by singer-songwriter, Kris Kristofferson, and featuring General Norman Schwarzkopf, author Mary Wertsch, and brats of all ages.
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BRATS RAW: Kristofferson & Schwarkzopf
Writer-Director, Donna Musil 
The uncut interviews of iconic military "brats" Kris Kristofferson and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf from BRATS: Our Journey Home.
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Our Own Private Battlefield
Writer-Director, Donna Musil 
A feature documentary work-in-progress about the intergenerational effects of combat PTSD on military children. Father and daughter artists Tom and Lora Beldon share how the Vietnam War affected their family and how, 20 years later, their art has helped bring them back together.
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Brown Babies: The Mischlingskinder Story
Filmmaker, Regina Griffin
A documentary about the biracial, bicultural children of African-American fathers and German mothers unwanted by enemy nations.
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Somewhere Between
Filmmaker, Linda Goldstein Knowlton 
A documentary profile of Chinese adoptees in contemporary America, who attempt to answer the uniquely human question, "Who am I?"
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So Where's Home? A Film About Third Culture Kid Identity
Filmmaker, Adrian Bautista 
10-minute documentary, exploring the unique perspectives and identities of Third Culture Kids and their struggles with personal identity.
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Neither Here Nor There
Writer-Director, Ema Ryan Yamazaki
35-minute documentary exploring cultural identity for Third Culture Kids. Through 6 subjects, the film investigates how growing up internationally affects one as an adult, their struggle to fit in and their eternal search to belong. Yamazaki is a Japanese-British TCK raised in the international school system, who currently lives in New York.
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Home: The Aramco Brat's Story
Filmmakers Todd Nims, Matthew Miller, and Zachery Nims
A feature documentary about the children of expatriate Aramco (Arabian American Oil Company) employees who grew up in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Narrated by Western citizens of all faiths, the film concentrates on the more overlooked cultural aspects of the region.
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Les Passagers, a TCK story
Director, Aga Magdolen
A work-in-progress documentary about Third Culture Kids and their journey to find where they belong. Retitled Where is Home?
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The Great Santini
Author, Pat Conroy
A powerful movie about growing up in a Marine fighter pilot's family, based on the novel by Marine Corps brat Pat Conroy, starring Navy "junior" Robert Duvall.
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A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries
Director, James Ivory
A wonderful movie based on TCK Kaylie Jones account of living in Paris with her father James Jones, a writer and war hero, and her struggles to fit in after moving back to America.
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Mean Girls
Director, Mark Waters
A TCK moves from Africa, where she's been living with her zoologist parents, to a suburban high school in America.
Read a great article about what TCKs can learn from Mean Girls
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The Road Home
Writer-Director, Rahul Gandotra 
A 20-minute short film about a young boy sent by his parents to an international boarding school in the Himalayas. Pico grapples with his identity after he flees the school and tries to make his way home to England.
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The B.R.A.T. Patrol
A 2-hour episode of The Disney Sunday Movie on ABC 10/26/1986
A group of enlisted Marine brats uncovers a plot to steal valuable government equipment, but their reputation for running roughshod over the UMC base is so bad, no one believes them. In true Disney fashion, the kids take on the baddies themselves. Featuring Sean Astin, Brian Keith, Tim Thomerson, and Nia Long.
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Fictional Brats/TCKS in Film & TV


Ronnie 'Sunshine' Bass - played by Kip Pardue in Remember the Titans
Kate Brewster - from the Terminator films
Sean Boswell - played by Lucas Black in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Sara Crewe - main character in A Little Princess
Ricky Fitts - played by Wes Bentley in American Beauty
Cady Heron - daughter of zoologists raised in Africa, played by Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girls
Margaret Houlihan - played by Sally Kellerman in the film MASH
O-Ren Ishii - played by Lucy Liu in Quentin Tarantino's film Kill Bill
Kim (Kimball O'Hara) - orphaned son of Irish soldier in film based on Rudyard Kipling novel
Lois Lane - journalist and Superman's wife in Superman
Louie Lastik - played by Ethan Suplee in Remember the Titans
Doug Masters - played by Jason Gedrick in Iron Eagle
Ben Meecham - played by Michael O'Keefe in The Great Santini
Mary Anne Meecham - played by Lisa Jane Persky in The Great Santini
Lt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell - played by Tom Cruise in Top Gun
Brian Moreland - played by Timothy Hutton in Taps
Jack Reacher - played by Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher


Lee "Apollo" Adama - one of main characters in the Battlestar Galactica series
Athena Adama - daughter of Commander Adama in Battlestar Galactica
Zac Adama - Commander Adama's second son in Battlestar Galactica
Kate Austen - played by Evangeline Lilly in Lost
Bobby Briggs - played by Dana Ashbrook in the Twin Peaks series
Jay Burchell - played by Matt Bomer in Traveler
Reverend Eric Camden - played by Stephen Collins on the series 7th Heaven
Samantha "Sam" Carter - from Stargate SG-1
Wesley Crusher - played by Wil Wheaton in Star Trek: The Next Generation
Maddie Dolan - played by Hayden Panettiere in the Disney TV movie Tiger Cruise
Olivia Dunham - played by Anna Torv on the series Fringe
Stephen Franklin - Chief Medical Officer on Babylon 5
Kelly Gibbs - the deceased daughter of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS
Joey Gladstone - played by Dave Coulier in Full House
Dr. Mark Greene - played by Anthony Edwards in ER
Gustav Patton "Gus" Griswald - voiced by Courtland Mead in the Recess series
Misa Hayase (Lisa Hayes) - from the anime Macross (Robotech)
Margaret Houlihan - played by Loretta Swit in the TV series M*A*S*H
Dr. Gregory House - played by Hugh Laurie in the TV series House
Kathryn Janeway - played by Kate Mulgrew on Star Trek: Voyager
Gulsher Khan - one of main characters in the TV miniseries Alpha Bravo Charlie
Kashif Kirmani - one of main characters in the TV miniseries Alpha Bravo Charlie
Rory "Riot" Llewelyn - lead singer of the Stingers from the animated series Jem
Special Agent Timothy McGee - played by Sean Murray in NCIS
Brick MacArthur - played by Jon Cor in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island
Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie - played by Catherine Bell in JAG
Thomas Magnum - played by Tom Selleck in Magnum, P.I.
Noah Mayer - played by Jake Silbermann in the soap opera As the World Turns from 2007-2010
Ellie Nash - played by Stacey Farber in Degrassi: The Next Generation
Tom Paris - played by Robert Duncan McNeill in Star Trek: Voyager
Harmon Rabb - played by David James Elliott in JAG
Bud Roberts - played by Patrick Labyorteaux in JAG
Betty Ross - daughter of General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross from The Incredible Hulk comics
Dana Scully - from The X-Files series
Spencer Shay and Carly Shay - from the iCarly series
Shahnaaz Sher - one of main characters in the TV miniseries Alpha Bravo Charlie
AC Slater - played by Mario López in the series Saved by the Bell
Jill Taylor - played by Patricia Richardson in the series Home Improvement
Kara "Starbuck" Thrace - from Battlestar Galactica
Maddie Tyler - from the series NCIS
Shane Vansen - one of main characters in the series Space: Above and Beyond
The Walker children (John, Susan, Titty, Roger, Bridget) - in Swallows and Amazons
Poussey Washington - played by Samira Wiley in Netflix's Orange Is the New Black


Lucas Kane - main character in Indigo Prophecy
Fox McCloud - from the StarFox series
Commander Shepard - from Mass Effect